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The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a bit of legend, locally, with many from the outgoing generation and the model that preceded it still cruising around our roads. They are used for many things ranging from effective plumbing and work vans to people-carrying to bike-carrying and kit-swallowing motocross racing machines.

Now, there is a new one locally and Mercedes appears to have gotten the brief about the versatility of these vehicles. I drove the new model range to see how it stacks up. The Vito is a van so it’s quite difficult to assess the aesthetics because it’s such a functional thing. However, it does have the Mercedes family grille with the large three-pointed star and massive headlamps, while the side and rear section are typically squared-off and simple.

Inside is where you’ll be spending all your time and is therefore important. In terms of quality the Vito is meant to be a hard-wearing tool so there are hard plastics everywhere with the occasional niceties such as cruise control or an infotainment system, dependent on which model you have gone for. I did note a few rattles though in the models that we drove, which is surprising from a Mercedes-Benz.


  • Air Condition
  • Automatic stop
  • Cameras
  • Crash detection sensors
  • GPS
  • Heated wiper blades
  • High beams
  • Leather Seats


  • Basic Distance : 8 km
  • Basic Price : $25.00
  • Unit Distance : $1.50
  • Seating Capacity : 8
  • Luggage : 8 Medium

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